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Diets Absolutely, Positively DO Work

The Claim that “Diets Don’t Work” is Absolute Nonsense The statement that “diets don’t work” is the biggest load of crap that has ever been dumped on the overweight community (i.e., just about everyone in America). This unfortunate phrase has become a part of our lexicon. Mention you are dieting  Read more »

Fast Weight Loss is Better than Slow Weight Loss

Myth:  You Should Strive to Lose No More Than One to Two Pounds Per Week Dogs have four legs. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has four legs. Rudolph is a dog. This is the common flaw in logic that has led to the ridiculous claim that you must limit yourself to  Read more »

It is Not OK to be Overweight

Over the next few posts I’ll be publishing some excerpts from my upcoming diet book, The Morris Plan.  I begin by fighting the concept that overweight people should just “accept themselves.” Putting the “accept your weight” nonsense to rest once and for all. If bald guys (a club I will  Read more »

In All Things, Moderation — Vegetarianism As An Eating Disorder

I’ve always considered vegetarianism to be an eating disorder in many. And while I haven’t yet convinced the American Psychiatric Association to include vegetarianism in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), I now have research to support that vegetarianism is a strong indicator of a possible eating  Read more »

You Do Not Need a Special Diet

Myth: You Need a Special Diet Because You are Overweight Due to Your Gender, Genes, Parents, Hormones, Metabolism, Insulin Levels, Age, Blood Type, Carbohydrate Addiction, etc. We all have the need to feel special. Even when it comes to the issue of weight, we want to feel that our situation  Read more »

Lose the Weight First, Eat Healthy Later

Myth:  Whatever Diet You Choose, it Should be Healthy The self-proclaimed diet experts will tell you that the diet you choose should consist of a healthy assortment of foods, so you should shy away from fad diets that emphasize too much protein or limit you to one type of food.  Read more »

Save the Behavior Modification for AFTER Your Diet

Myth:  A Good Diet Must Include Behavior Modification Or You Will Put All the Weight Back On Here is how the logic goes for this boneheaded statement. If you need to lose weight, then obviously you have an eating pattern that is causing weight gain. A diet provides an artificial  Read more »