Diets Absolutely, Positively DO Work

The Claim that “Diets Don’t Work” is Absolute Nonsense

The statement that “diets don’t work” is the biggest load of crap that has ever been dumped on the overweight community (i.e., just about everyone in America). This unfortunate phrase has become a part of our lexicon. Mention you are dieting while in a group of people, and inevitably some yahoo will chime in with, “you shouldn’t diet, diets don’t work.”

This phrase was popularized by Bob Schwartz, author of Diets Don’t Work (as well as The One Hour Orgasm, if that tells you anything). The statement is fallacious for a few reasons. First, it really doesn’t even make sense. Every human on earth is on a “diet” because that word simply means “food and drink regularly provided or consumed.” If someone is in the habit of lunching on two Big Macs and a large chocolate shake, then that is their “diet.”

But let’s give Mr. Schwartz the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he was using “diet” in the colloquial sense of limiting one’s food intake in order to lose weight. He takes the position that diets don’t work because, according to him, only one out of every 200 people that loses weight on a diet manages to keep it off. And even that one person, he asserts, only manages to keep it off because he or she is “compulsive.” So, according to Mr. Schwartz, a diet is a failure unless the weight loss is permanent.

To what else in life do we apply such a standard? I washed my car a week ago, and now it is dirty again. Watch for my new book, Carwashes Don’t Work. When I was in grade school, I could rattle off every State capital, but as I sit here now, I can’t recall the capital of South Carolina. This means, of course, that Studying Don’t Work. And finally, you can work your whole life with no problem, but just try to stop showing up and that lousy no good boss of yours will stop paying you, meaning that Work Don’t Work.

When you look beneath these claims of weight loss without dieting, the truth is quite amazing. In his book Weight Loss with Dr. Art Ulene, Dr. Ulene states that his weight loss program “is not a diet, because diets don’t work.” In fact, he claims his plan contains “no rigid menus or meal plans, no forbidden foods, no calorie counting, and no meal substitutes . . . .”  Quite a deal. How does he manage weight loss without a diet?  Sign me up.

It turns out his groundbreaking plan is two fold: He tells you to exercise more, and provides a low-fat diet plan. You are instructed to “count all of the calories you are consuming throughout the day, accounting separately for fat calories and those derived from protein and carbohydrates.” Then you are required to determine which foods must be eliminated from your diet in order to reduce your total fat intake to no more than 20 percent of your total calories for the day.

But hold the phone, Maud. The good doctor promised that this was not a diet, and that there would be no calorie counting. As you can see, in reality Dr. Ulene and Mr. Schwartz are both just playing a game of semantics. They are defining a diet as a strict menu plan, intended for some limited period of time. Their weight loss plans, on the other hand, simply lay out the foods that you should eat, tell you which ones to avoid, and tell you to eat right for the rest of your life, with a little exercise thrown in. Follow these suggestions, and you should find yourself losing about a pound a week. But no, no, no, we didn’t tell you to diet, because diets don’t work.

This line of nonsense would be humorous if it weren’t so tragic. People have a hard enough time staying on a diet for a few months. Now they are being told they have to diet the rest of their lives. On top of that, they are told that they should lose weight very slowly, meaning that they will be carrying unhealthy weight much longer than necessary (assuming they even lose the weight at the suggested glacial pace), and they give up perhaps years of the tremendous satisfaction and self-esteem that comes with being fit.

Picture the poor sap who needs to lose 65 pounds and is unfortunate enough to buy one of these “no-diet diet books” that tells him to lose 3/4 of a pound per week.  For three months he faithfully weighs and calculates the caloric content of everything he eats, and deprives himself of all the fatty foods he loves.  Assuming he never cheated and actually lost the promised nine pounds, he probably won’t see much or any difference in the mirror, and he’ll be facing another one and a half years of this non-diet until he loses the rest of the weight!

The truth is that a diet works if you lose weight, and the faster the better. I will show you how to lose weight incredibly fast. And as you will see, once it is gone, I show you a foolproof method that will keep the weight off forever.

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  1. Nice post,good summary.I think we need diet plan to keep our body fit and healthier.Take the food in small,but more frequently.Do the exercises regularly,keep the muscles strong.

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