Lose the Weight First, Eat Healthy Later

Myth:  Whatever Diet You Choose, it Should be Healthy

The self-proclaimed diet experts will tell you that the diet you choose should consist of a healthy assortment of foods, so you should shy away from fad diets that emphasize too much protein or limit you to one type of food.

Let’s think about that one for a minute. As a general proposition, I will except the premise that you should not choose a diet that affirmatively harms your health. So, you should take a pass on “Dr. Barnburner’s Bacon and Broken Glass Diet.” I am also not big on diets that completely turn a blind eye toward common sense, such as high-protein diets that give you the okay to eat all the fat you want.

With that said, keep in mind that you are already in an unhealthy state (being overweight) and on an unhealthy diet (eating whatever it is that made you overweight). Your goal should be to move as quickly as possible from your current unhealthy state (fat) to a far more healthy state (thin).  Rather than to subscribe to the dogma that your diet must be healthy, you should apply your common sense.  If eating unhealthy for two months would allow you to drop, say, 50 pounds, that is better than taking six months on a healthier diet to reach the same result.

Remember most of all that a low calorie diet is not unhealthy. Indeed, as discussed more fully in The Morris Plan, reducing caloric intake is the only definitive “fountain of youth” that has been discovered thus far. It is true that with any low calorie diet, it is very unlikely that you will receive all the appropriate food groups, vitamins and minerals. But guess what? You’re not receiving all the appropriate food groups, vitamins and minerals now. Why are diets required to be healthy when our “normal” eating habits don’t even achieve that standard?

Don’t worry that the diet you choose may not provide the daily minimum requirement for selenium. That’s why God invented supplements.

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